Worse in recent years

I had my first migraine at age 9. I remember calling home sick and my mother saying I just didn't want to be in school that day. I didn't care. I thought I was dying between the light and the naseua. Every little sound pounding through my skull like a marching band playing off key. I got home threw a blanket over the window and passed out for the next 15 hours.

Luckily for me in the early part of my life I did not get them very often. I did not understand what I had and neither did my mother who is not a sufferer. As I got older they got slightly more frequent but by then I knew what I was dealing with. Tylenol, cool compresses, and sleep usually toned it down. Then I turned 17... I was in a horrible car wreck and recieved a pretty bad concussion. After that the migraines started coming semi-frequently. (at least 2 per month).

By the time I turned 21 I had become a pro at determining what were basic headaches and what was the onset of a migraine. Sometimes I could stop them before they got horrible, others would hide in my house with all the lights off, ringer on phone off, and a sitter for my newborn child. Sometimes for days.

Then came my 2nd child and a fall down a flight of stairs. 3 weeks after that I developed a migraine that I just couldnt get rid of no matter what. My husband took me to the ER. That was my first experiance with the injections in the head. Now 5 yrs after that first injection I have several under my belt. Have tried more different types of meds than I can count, and am resigned to a lifetime of migraines. At this point in my life I am just hoping that one day they will find a medication or treatment of some sort that can get rid of these things for good. As a mother of 4 small children I am already missing things when I get knocked out with them. I don't want to miss any more.

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