Migraines and other illnesses got me fired!

This has been an awful year for illnesses with me! I've experienced mono, strep two times, heart issues, high blood pressure issues that took me off work for two weeks AND the migraines that lasted anywhere from 2-3 days. As a school teacher all these days have added up over time to more than 60+ absentee days. Did I want to be off all this time? Of course not, but apparently my principal thought otherwise and recommended to our Board of Education that my contract not be renewed for next year. Questions, I know you have them.....no, I couldn't get FMLA because of days missed in the calendar year from January of 2010's school year that carried over into this school year; how can they not renew my contract, well I'm not yet tenured because I "retired" after 10 years when my youngest daughter was born and then went back to teaching. This is only my 4th year back and would be my tenured year next year.

I've been trying to fight against the non renewal, but no one seems to understand about migraines even though my neurologist has written a letter for me. I'm tempted to go before our school board and even the state legislature to argue the fact we need more information about migraine health for the government to understand about what teachers go through and allow additional absentee time so they aren't penalized.

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