Migraines Have Tortured Me for 30 Years

Last updated: March 2023

My migraines begain in my early 30's, blinding torturous  pain that made me give up my dream of medical school.

My husband and I hoped once I had stopped going to school nights and working my job, the headaches would cease.  They didn't.

I've sought many neurologists, headache clinics, and pain clinics.  I've had Botox and all the rescue type meds--no help.

I have headaches about 4 days a week & my neurologist won't presribe pain meds-ER doctors have fits. I went to a pain clinic 2 weeks ago and was promised all these things--called yesterday & the Dr. ordered NOT A SINGLE THING.  A woman there said she is going to try to initiate things, but this is what I constantly an met with.

I don't know if it's incompetence, lack of interest, or what-- but this is pure torture--

I cannot believe he did not write 1 single order!

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