Migraines And Motherhood

It started with menstrual migraines at 11. With my second pregnancy in 2002, I had almost constant migraines. It was so bad my OB induced labor a few weeks early. I had a hemiplegic migraine during that pregnancy and the neurologist I saw warned that the migraines would get worse. Additionally, in 2003 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome/chronic fatigue. By 2010 the migraines were chronic. I have tried almost everything for both prevention and aborting attacks: prescriptions, elimination diets, supplements, behavioral therapy, Cefaly, hospitalizations, and ketamine to name a few. Things tend to work for a little while and then fail spectacularly.

Raising my kids and trying to have a career has sometimes felt impossible, especially when my husband was deployed or traveling for work. I have struggled with so much guilt through the years. I’ve lost a job, missed out on countless family events, and am currently considering giving up my career as a pediatric nurse practitioner at 44 due to migraines. This was definitely not how I envisioned my life would turn out, but I’m playing the hand I was dealt to the best of my ability.

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