Migraines preventing me from being a mom

I had migraines since i was 5, they were occasional but now am 29 and having them almost everyday, Inderal keeps them mostly from being full blown but during menstruation nothing can ever stop them!

I have been married for 3 years without children, i have infertility problems, and hormonal treatments are just not working with my migraines, clomid, gonal-f and the dreadful pregnancy control pills stopped every treatment i have attempted, now i am at the point where i have to go through an ivf proceedure which is all that and more. I am so depressed. Migraines are robbing me from the right of even trying to be a mom, does anyone have a similar experience, how they got through this? I am afraid i will end up husband-less, childless and defected!

I hate migraines, i pray some miracle doctor one day soon will come up and say we found a cure or even half a cure! God help us all.

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