Migraines have ruined my social life.

I have had migraines all my 59 years of life. It has sometimes ruined my social life. Whenever I get one, they are so violent I have to get to bed quickly feeling cold, sick and shaking violently in bed so I take the tablets and cuddle up with 2 hot water bottles. I never eat or dink until it has gone completely. I just never understood why I get these migraine attacks. I avoid chocolates, coffees, teas, cheeses, and still they come. I thought of a brain wave, why don't I shave all my hair off, in which I get strange looks but that didn't bother me and I do not say it might work for every sufferer but I get not so many headaches. I drink decaf teas and herbal teas. I have become a writer since 2002 and whenever I get a attack, I write wonderful stories but if I recieve no attacks I am lousy, empty headed. I find this very strange. I wear glasses and go to regular eye clinics for tests.

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