The Migraines seem to be worsening with age

Today is the first day that I feel pain free since Monday.

On Monday, I felt that weepy, depression-like mood that feels like PMS. Only my head feels like it weighs a ton and there's sensitivity to light and sound.

Tuesday brings the aversion to food and the feeling of nausea. There is this sense that I'm free falling and I don't know when I'll hit bottom. I know it's coming on fast and furious and there is absolutely nothing I can do except suffer through it. By night, I can't tolerates noise, so I take to my bed in silence and complete darkness.

On Wednesday, I try to get up but the dizziness is too much. I spent half the night holding my head as the pain is unbearable. I can't move and I know the day is lost to me. I find it beyond exasperating that there is nothing to take the pain away. I often times imagine that this would be what a stroke must feel like. I can't eat and the nausea is overwhelming. I wish I could throw up...

By thursday, I still have some pain behind my eyes and the left side of my face and neck. But it is bearable and I'm functioning again.

I'm otherwise healthy and active. I've been suffering since my 20s and my only reprieve was when I was pregnant. They're hormonally driven and I was hoping that it would lighten up with approaching menopause. They seem to be lasting longer. I'm reading too many accounts of worsening migraines in post menopause and I'm not optimistic. I've tried numerous medications and nothing works. The last medication was Excedrin Migraine. The side effects were too numerous for me and I had to stop taking it. I decided to share my migraine story because having just recovered from another bout, the time line is still with me.


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