Migraines take over my life

Always start with a bit of a headache for a couple of days... If I get to day3 then migraine time!!

I wake up with a banging head and it affects my vision, my whole body aches and I can't stand the light.. Even daylight. Curtains closed, no lights on at all, not even the telly light without sunglasses..

Have been to hospital and had loads of tests, CT scans, blood tests and Lumber puncher tests which are not nice but nothink.. You have a serva migraine.! I am told by the doctor as nothing is shown in any tests why I feel the way I do. Usually lasts about a week but feel ill a lot longer.. As I feel sick so I don't eat then I am sick because of medication, then the bowels start playing up.. Then more medication to sort that out. I lose weigh I feel rough, no energy.. A circle continues.. Headaches start up again because of stress!! Migraines take over my life, what can I do to help... I need answers, the doctors have no clue!!

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