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Migraines with frequent fevers, what is it?

Hi, my name is Ashley. I have had migraines since between the age of 7 or 8 years old, I can't seem to remember too much of when it all started. But I know a lot about how I was living with it as a child thinking what it was, I never knew what a headache was until I was 10. I remember excruciating pain in my head like I would faint at any moment, feverish cause since my mom never knew what was wrong with me until the age of 10, I would run to the bathroom and throw up and think it was a really bad fever instead of a nauseating migraine. I also remember that every time I had a migraine my brother and sister would scold me and tell me that I'm faking, until I throw up, lol.

At 10 I finally started taking pain killers like childrens tylenol for fevers and regular tylenol, but I would have trouble swallowing pills so my mom would crush up pills for me with spoons and put it with lots of soda or some milk, some bevrage at hand. At the age of 11 I finally found out that it could be a migraine, but I always got scared. I always tend to over think things like "what if migraines could kill me one day?". So every time I have a migraine I would get sooo stressed out I would start to cry and it would make my migraine pound and hurt even worse to a point that I learned that crying about it wont solve anything. At age 13 I am finally able to swallow whole pills without chewing them or crushing them thinking they might get stuck in my throat one day, but as many migraines as I get, my aunt started to say to my grandmother that I am a druggie and that I will eventually turn out just like her. So every time they take away tylenol they bring back my migraines which brings back my nauseation, and then I got afraid to eat for a while. As skinny as I already am I dont need to not eat so my grandmother gives me sympathy and gives me back the tylenol.

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I remember I would wake up with a migraine a lot, but not to a point of nauseation right away, but one time I did, and I went down stairs to go get some tylenol for my fever, but my grandmother was there, she saw that I looked pale as heck! I told her I dont feel good, so she reached for the tylenol and I fainted and hit my head twice on the way down on the cutting board and the computer table, but I couldnt feel a thing, all I did was wake up in the bathroom with my grandmother next to me, the toilet in front of me, and my cousin beside me, then I threw up. By the time I turned 15 I finally told my mom that I want to go to the doctors for my migraines, cause they have been a problem for a while. She asked why, I said Ive had them since I was 8 so I want them gone.... She looked at me like she knew nothing of the sort, like all of the throwing up and fevers and fainting and crawling under the covers covering my ears asking for peace and quiet with the lights off wasn't enough proof growing up.

Now I am 18 years old, I still have migraines just as much as I had when I was 8, if i dont take tylenol or Excederin migraine, excederin extra strength, or ibprophen then I get nauseated, some times I wake up with a migraine and take excederin, I can take excederin all day and It wont go away until I go to sleep at night. My migraines do not have a pattern at all, they come and go whenever. Sometimes I can have 2 migraines in one day, I can have 5 to 8 migraines in a week, some times I can go a week without a migraine. I even went without a migraine for almost a month, it was the most wonderful month in my entire life. Pain free, well 2 migraines in one month was not bad as to how many I usually get in one month.

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