Mike's headaches story

Concussions are my story, head trauma. Stitches in my head several times. From 5 stitches to 34. I have had about several migraines which has taken a heavy toll on my head and mind. Some were from playing football. 2 of the most severe were from vehicle accidents.

I recently had some cognitive and memory testing. My short term memory and reaction times were very poor. My doctor said this is consistent with people who have had head and brain in juries. The migraine headache take a big toll on my month. I lose 10 to 15 days a month to severe migraines. I get the aura which accompanies the onset of pain.timing is everything and literally i have 60 seconds to get my meds in my system. I use a triptan needle/sumavel. It is the fastest acting med for me. Time can make the difference between being sick for 4 hours or 2 to 3 days most of the time i vomit uncontrollable. I end up being dehydrated. The pain is most severe when you vomit, unbearable. I seem to get a cold sweat, dizzy and weak legs. My balance is an issue. I am very light and sound sensitive. My son opening a bag of potato chips sound like a car crash to my ears. Luckily my kids know what to do when migraine strikes. I almost always end up using compazine to ease the vomiting. There have been times i have passed out and slept 14 to 16 hours after a bad migraine. I awaken to a hangover, this is the only way i can explain it. I am dizzy, nauseous,light and sound sensitive. At times the pain carries into the 2nd day. I am getting 5 to 8 a month.

This has been an improvement though. 5 years ago i was getting 12 to 15 a month. Either way it takes a heavy toll on my month and life. Learning my triggers and avoiding them has decreased the migraines. Bright sun, headlights, certain lighting and sun reflections of cars are some of my triggers. Driving at nigh with oncoming bright headlights have caused me migraine. Artificial sugars such as aspertame, equal etc... also. Stress is also a trigger. When i over exert my self physically and sweat i have gotten a migraine. Bending up and down repeatedly has also cause headaches. Like picking up leaves or pulling weeds in the garden. Lunch meats also, such as pepperoni, hot dogs, bacon and salami have triggered migraines.

The only way i found out about these triggers were by keeping a very accurate diary for 6 months time. I wrote down everything i ate and did . Even my lap top has caused migraine if i spend too much time staring at the screen . I need to watch hd tv in a lighted room, i can not use the computer or watch cable in low lit , dark rooms. Even changing a light bulb brought on the aura from me, staring at the bulb as it came on . Snow on the ground on a sunny day is a big one to me, snow blindness when you walk indoors from outside. diet coke and all diet soda i avoid. it is not good for you and it has artificial sugar. I hope some of these triggers can help some one else because i have decreased my migraines by avoiding these things. I also wear sun glasses every where. Dark sun glasses that also cover my peripheral vision. I even found sound some lighter classes to wear at night for oncoming headlights and high beams. I guess i wear my sun glasses at night. I keep triptam medication on person every where i go. The needles at home because of hot and cold tempatures out side. I also have imitrex nasal and zoomig sublinqual tablets in my car. Timing is everything when my symptoms start. I need medicine asap or i am in for a rough 2 to 3 days.


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