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Migraine Mom

Migraine Mom puts on her sunglasses even when it’s overcast and turns off the radio and reminds the boys to whisper as she drives them to school even though her head is throbbing.

Migraine Mom cooks in the dim light, when she can cook through the pain and nausea. Her family has learned to eat by the light peeking through closed blinds.

Migraine Mom hates when she just can’t, and cries sometimes to herself. This makes the migraines worse.

Migraine Mom gives 110% on the days she can to make up for the days she can barely give anything at all.

Migraine Mom is always gently reminding: “don’t be too loud, the lights are too bright, please don’t spray that.”

Migraine Mom can’t commit to time consuming activities, and sometimes has to cancel at the last minute. This doesn’t mean that she’s flakey or uninvolved.

Migraine Mom has a hard time finding friends that understand and are willing to stick around.

Migraine Mom is trying to navigate her roles as a migraineur and a mom, and battling this disease was not “where she saw herself in ten years.”

Migraine mom is doing the best that she can.

—–Melissa Uetz

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  • Dana
    2 years ago

    Last night this migraine mom went to her daughters Soccer Banquet, I only missed 3 of 15 games…..I went in crippling pain with sunglasses, hats, earplugs, but there were 3 where I literally could not move and it killed me. Two people came up to my husband and then said “oh are you Angelina’s mom”? I push through so much, I did all my snack stand duties, cut up my oranges for the girls, yet those two comments cut me to the core. I refused to let it ruin the night, as my daughter was receiving an award, but wow…talk about a real ouch 🙁

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    2 years ago

    MAJOR kudos to you for pushing yourself to the core!!! Really…don’t let them get under your skin! Being a mother living with migraine is a battle and struggle that no one can begin to understand unless they have experienced it. I thought you might appreciate this article as it discusses how to accept people who just to care to understand.

    Thanks for sharing this with the community & helping to let other moms out there know they are not alone in this daily struggle! Know that it had to have meant the world to your daughter that you were there for her during this special event and she is lucky to have such “warrior” as a mom! 🙂 Take good care, Joanna ( Team)

  • blinkylights
    2 years ago

    So true! This Migraine mom prepares for parties and big events days in advance in case a migraine strikes the day of the event. This Migraine mom keeps going, in pain, ready to collapse to make sure the kids have a good time. This Migraine mom is secretly glad she had sons instead of daughters since boys are less likely to inherit the pain.

  • P Heinicke
    2 years ago

    Love it!!! Thanks, Melissa.

  • DonnaFA moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Migraine mom rocks! Thanks so much for celebrating her with us.

    We’re glad she’s part of this community in her many incarnations. -Warmly, Donna ( team)

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