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Momma has a monster (migraine)

I was 13 when I started getting my headaches & they started to get worse & more frequent as I got older. I was diagnosed with migraines when I was 6mo pregnant with my oldest in 1999. Now I'm a divorced mother of 4. I'm a daily fighter of migraines & often feel bad because I can't do things with my children as I used to. I have at least 1 weekly monster that puts me on my a$$. I'm on depicote as my preventative and so far (knock on wood) I haven't had that monster one "yet".

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My kids are the greatest. When I do get my monster they play quiet games with me or cuddle up for a movie. I keep the freezer stocked with pre-made meals so it's easy for me to make dinner for them. I'm starting to regret my migraines but not letting them keep me down.

My migraines are hereditary & I'm really scared that my oldest 2 are going to join me in this battle. They've started with a few bad headaches a month but I pray it won't be passed on to them.

I muddle through work & try to avoid the environmental triggers but that's not always helpful. I work in a restaurant. I know my triggers and keep my diet to a T to avoid my sick days from work. I wish there was a formula I could follow to get rid of these things lol.

I know I'm not the only single Mom out there with kids, but how do you manage the family & the migraines?

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