Did you ever consider your migraines might be due to a “mood disorder?”

I know it sounds ridiculous.

I have to say, mood disorder never crossed my mind. I’d tried literally everything available for migraines and nothing worked - or at least no more than a few days to a week. It was beyond heartbreaking and there was so much hopelessness and despair.

I walked into my PCP dr’s office and I was done; I had completely given up; it was going to be over - it was just a matter of when the excruciating pain came back (literal days).

My PCP took one look at me and knew. She said she understood how I felt but could I give her just two weeks to see if she could help me? I very reluctantly agreed.

I didn’t believe my dr but what was two more weeks? I’d tried everything for migraines available to date and literally nothing worked. I mean I have the number 5 hospital in the country for neurology (the University of CA at San Francisco) in my back yard basically.

So I had great, kind and compassionate care, just nothing worked. Next they were going to try Methergine (ugghh). My Neurologist is board certified in neurology and

My PCP then proceeded to write prescriptions - a cocktail of sorts for meds which were specific to my mood disorder. (Which I didn’t know I had). I thought my depression and anxiety were just a part of this horrific migraine disease.

I don’t mind saying what she prescribed but everyone is different. The prescriptions for me were for:
Clonazepam (for sleep)
Lanzoprazole for vomiting/nausea

It’s been three weeks and I’ve had one level 10. The rest of the days have been like I have a real life. I know many of you might be saying “why didn’t my dr do this sooner?”

We’ll the truth is, I wouldn’t let her. I didn’t believe it. But I do now. She literally saved my life. For any chronic migraineur it’s worth more than a passing thought.

Don’t give up; I know it’s so hard to do but keep trying until you get a satisfactory response, even if you have to go to the dr every week like I did. Somehow, some way, someone out there will be able to help you - just be open to trying new and unusual (but safe) treatments.

A mood disorder was a major problem for me and maybe some of you have a similar issue.

Best of luck and love and prayers to all my migraine brothers and sisters.

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