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More Headaches Than I Want

I’ve had migraines for over 45 yrs. They are more debilitating now and last several days. I’ve now learned I might have Aphasia headaches. After having migraines for so long these types can happen, along with the non-sleeping. My neurologist is doing different tests, but I doubt if anything will ever really help!!

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  • glassmind
    3 months ago

    What a challenge! Here’s hoping something does help for you. Hugs

  • Holly Harding Baddour moderator
    4 months ago

    Hi there, @more-headaches-then-i-want
    I’m so glad you chimed in to share your story. That is quite a long history of migraine disease. Good for you for learning more about the various ways that migraine can impact your body, neurologically. Migraine can be an incredibly comprehensive event, neurologically- impacting so many systems – from speech, to smell, to sight, to touch and on. Aphasia is a major and common experience- and quite disturbing.

    Understanding fully the various ways that migraine shows itself in our system, specifically- can be a way to empower ourselves in the midst of what can feel like an out of control disease. I applaud you for working with your neurologist for more answers and arming yourself with more information. Whether or not this quest leads to effective treatments, you will at the very least have a better understanding of what is happening and why, in your body particularly.

    I know that when I went on a quest for more information about my migraine disease many years ago, it did not end in my finding any solutions, per se, but it did result in my feeling more empowered in that I increased my understanding of the disease- and my specific triggers, symptoms and side effects.

    Good luck on your journey and so glad you are a part of our community. I hope you will share what you learn along the way so that we may learn from you.

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