Most of my life with Migraines

I'm a 50 years old man that has suffered with daily headaches since I was 13. My experience may be different thank others but I wanted to offer some hope for people out there. I've never posted on any website but would like to throw my 2 cents in to help someone with my similar condition. On x-mas eve 1979 I got my 1st migraine and truly thought I was dying. From that point on I had 3-5 migraines a week until adulthood at which time I started a 7 day battle with the headaches. I've been on Elavil 100mg since my 20's. Tried all the Triptans with some success. My medicine of choice is Fiorinol with codiene. I've been on that daily since my 20's as well. Worked wonders for years but as with any of the opiate based meds I have a resistance to it now. It still works but not nearly as well. Last year I started with Onzetra nasal powder it is a triptan and the delivery system makes all the difference here. The medicine all but eradicated my headaches. The issue is I need 30 doses a month and it $1100 so that's been out for me. I have a doctor that is great and I read an article about lidocaine solution nasal spray and that works well for me. I had to have a pharmacy make it at custom dosing in northwest Indiana. The other thing I would suggest for people is a product called Sinus Buster. It's a capsasin nasal spray that has help me a lot. Good luck to all I hope this helps someone out there. B spinks.

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