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Mother of 9yr old boy who suffers from migraines after a virus

My son got a virus in spring of 2011, when he began having severe head pain, intense and debilitating. The unusual part of his headaches was that he would have intense and transient bilateral pains all over his body, back, foot, hip, tooth, etc.

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The pains could be burning, stabbing, crushing and throbbing. Pnendisone taper resolved the headaches and the pains, for the most part. He continued to have the intense body and head pains periodically.

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Since April, he has has 3 major attacks with vomiting until he got another virus, and cycle of intense head and body pains began again. Insomnia is intermittent. He is diagnosed with migraines and insomnia.

The dr. thinks the transient body pains are psychological of origin, but I do not agree. We are at a loss. The doc is treating the migraine with topamax and the insomnia with clonadine, but my son has missed quite a bit of school already, and the topamax can take a long time to work.

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