Mother's Day 2008

The Sunday before Mother's Day in 2008, I had a Basilar Artery Migraine (BAM) that almost ended my life. I am a RN and have dealt with migraines since 1994. I have a mediport so I could access it at home and deliver medications to keep me out of a hospital admission, which was 6-8 months out of a year.

So on this particular Sunday, my husband, my son (of 5), and myself were at home doing some housekeeping. I told my husband I was starting to get a migraine so I proceeded to go to the bathroom to access my mediport....I woke up in ICU(my ICU where I worked) on the following Wednesday. The BAM had constricted my basilar artery & caused a cardiac arrest. My husband heard me hit our bathroom floor, came in, & started CPR. He is my angel and saved my life.

I don't remember any of this, it was very scary to hear what happened & is still affecting our lives. I am dealing with memory loss, anxiety for my son (he had seen me lifeless on the floor during CPR), and the continuing migraines/headaches almost daily is a struggle to balance marriage, a job, and a mom. I was dc'd home in time for Mother's Day.

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