It's not MS!!!!

At age 46 my body decided it was time to start migraines. At first it was nausea and a headache very once in awhile, then as weeks and months went on they became more frequent. My primary doc tried me on codeine which helped some but made me woozy. Then I was sent on a path of doctors and appointments that would make your head spin. I went to an ENT and had surgery for a deviated septum, also had my hearing tested there for Menieres which I didn't have. Yay, I was on the way to recovery!!!!! No such luck, migraines still persisted. I went to the dentist and got a mouth guard as he said I was grinding my teeth, I went to an allergist and was tested and got weekly shots. Surely with all this I would be better, I was hopeful! Again, not successful.

Finally after two years of this bouncing around I was referred to a neurologist (my first of 6). He was so willing to help means was the first Dr. W was compassionate with me about my migraines. He did multiple tests and ordered a brain MRI. A week later he called me back in as they found lesions on my brain. Scared to death I went back in and was told it was probably MS. They did lumbar puncture. Waiting for the results was excruciating.

Finally a call from the doctor saying no it wasn't MS, Lyme disease, etc. since I'd had no trauma he decided the migraines caused the lesions and now the lesions are causing the migraines. Really? Never heard of that. But he prescribed me my first drugs for migraine. Topamax for prevention and Maxalt for abortive. Long story short, I have been to many other neuros for their opinions and they all say MS initially, then do further testing to find out it is not. I have tried every preventable drug that is out there and cannot tolerate them. I have had the most luck with Frova for aborting my migraine and promethazine is my friend for the severe nausea. I wear TheraSpecs all the time I am up and around and they have provided great relief for my photosensitivity, I wear ear plugs for loud noises, I have ice bags for heat and also at first sign of migraine and am the one always in the shade when I'm outside

I miss the retirement life my husband and I were planning (someplace warm) and me able to to outdoor activities. I feel guilty that my husband has to do so much to help me out. I miss the friends I have lost due to my illness. I love my friends dearly who have stuck by me through this and have become educated. I am still struggling with accepting this whole life change that has happened but I believe reading the stories here on this site will help me.

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