Doing much better I have hope and I hope this helps someone

Hi my name is Sandy I have been a migraine sufferer since my early 20's. I am now 55 and as of this report doing much better. I did suffer horrible attacks from PMS migraines but when I got past that point this last year everyone told me I should get better but it did not happen! In fact as I searched for cures in vitiamns I got much worse. I did not understand why. I always knew MSG was a trigger for me but until now I did not realize how bad that trigger was. A few years ago I purchased a book called Battling the "MSG Myth" by Debby Anglesey, read it, did most of what she said but never gave up my vitiamn supplments since I still had in my head they were good for me and would help. As I searched for answers all kinds of diets came my way. I started eating most vegan and all kinds of soy products, protein bars lots of stuff in jars from the health food stores (veganise) which I thought would help me. I got progressively worse. I fell into the lie if it said no added MSG it was fine. I am a woman of faith and really started to pray and the Lord told me to go back to that book and read it again. Well its been about six weeks as I write this and since then I ditched my vitiamn capsules and am making everything from scratch. Yes its a pain but worth it. I have only needed Relpax on two occasions after I ate out for dinner. My body went into a total detox two weeks after I started the NO MSG change and I felt horrible for about three days. I still react to people with perfume and other such triggers but its not taking me into a tailspin. Thank the Lord I am not waking up with a daily headache every day of my life and taking Relpax almost daily. All I could think of was I wanted to die and not live. Been there! I am not promoting anyones book's here but if this can help anyone who may have the same issue I wanted to post this as I have read many of your blogs and understand the pain you feel. Migraines destroy lives. I cannot handle gluten or any food additives as well. I really am shocked how sensitive I am to food additives and really did not think I was. Debbie also has a website where you can read story after story in the chat room from people who have been helped that have migraines. I also lost shortness of breath, the nasaeu, depression and dizziness I felt so often and a few pounds as well. God Bless and grant you healing.

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