Mummy what's wrong?

I've had migraine episodes all my life..when I was little I remember if I got too excited I'd end up one and in my teenage years with exam stress I had a few. On average I'd have perhaps 2 a year...that is until 4 years ago when I had my son aged 27.
Overnight I began having monthly episodes usually linked with my 'cycle' or if I got stressed. Over time I learnt my aura was a strong smell, a vague and very irritable feeling and noise sensitivity. I was put on triptans and I learnt to manage the pain.
Last year I was pregnant with my daughter (now 6 months) and things have escalated to another level. I had chronic migraines for the first 5 months of my pregnancy and severe hyperemeisis gravidarum. Followed by weekly episodes of migraines.
I think my labour with her has made them worse. It's the only thing I can connect it with. They tried to give me an epidural but I have nerve endings in my epidural space making it too dangerous. However whilst trying to do it some nerves were irritated causing shooting pains from my skull down my right leg into my foot.

In the following weeks after the birth I experienced what felt like a build up of pressure in the base of my skull every time I moved my spine or when I bent down to pick up my baby.
6 months on I experience constant auras, silent migraine or migraine attacks. I go to bed at night dreading what I'll wake up too.
I have 2 children too look after which is impossible when I vomit every time I have to move and my head feels like it's going to explode. I cry as my son who's 3 asks me why I'm always sick. I can't keep tablets down so most of the time my medication is useless.
I'm on daily beta blockers, codeine, sumatriptan and ibuprofen as well as anti sickness patches and anti depressants.
Looking for a new head or a cure please.

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