My Amovig Experience

I have suffered with migraine for over 25 years. I tried everything and nothing works. When the new class CGRP‘s came out I was hopefully optimistic as I usually am with any new thing I try. I started Amovig 5 months ago. My insurance doesn’t cover it and it cost over $800 per shot but I was lucky to get on a program and when I received my first shot delivery I actually cried. For the first couple of months, I was taking 70 mg and it didn’t work at all, in fact, my headaches got worse. I was so disappointed, to say the least. My doctor upped the dose to 140 mg and since I’ve been doing this it is helped a lot more. The constipation problem is REAL, but since I started the 140 mg for some reason it has gotten better. I’m not sure if they’ve now added something into the shot to help with this problem. I am now going onto my third shot of 140 mg and I’m hoping it will continue to work as it’s cut my headaches down from about 25 per month to about 10 per month and I’ll take anything I can get! Now all I have to worry about is when the program runs out and I can’t afford the medicine that helps me to be half a normal person...

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