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My head is a pain…

Apparently I have some “headache” gene passed down to me. Both grandmothers and mother had them, and my only brother has them too.  I was hospitalized when I was four (1966) to check my head since I was having headaches then, but no real problem was found. I remember having headaches sometimes coming home from school on the bus, feeling miserable and smelling exhaust fumes.  My first real significant migraine was when I was 18.. I had to lie on the bathroom floor in the dark until it was over.

Over the years I have tried many doctors and medicines. Thank goodness for imitrex and similar drugs. I used to take Excedrin, but they did nothing. I now can take 1/2 imitrex and 1/2 prescription pain pill, and that helps me continue on my way. If I’m at home, I try to take a nap… even 15 minutes is helpful.

My triggers mainly are weather, sinus problems, heavy scents, and over exertion. Probably lack of sleep, too much sleep, stress, relaxation, and noise can add to the snowball effect of getting a good migraine. In other words, just living life can start one up. I’m actually perplexed if I have a two week period without one. Journaling causes has never helped me with an answer.

So much for my story. Misery loves company. I know those who have migraines “get it” and many who have never had one are totally clueless.

Thanks for reading.

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  • sandramhill
    6 years ago

    Yes, people who have never had them have no idea. I’ve also tried everything over the years. The only thing I’ve found that can take one away is the imitrex shot. As of this year I don’t have health insurance so it cost $155. for two shots. I’ve always heard, never give up on trying new or different things. Also I have found that magnesium, CO Q10, B2, and omaga 3 helps somewhat. Good luck and God bless. Sandy

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