My head

My medication includes, Fiorinal 1 to 2 capsules every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain, Compazine 5MG 3 times a day. Vitamin B2 and Magnesium Oxide. Ice helps the pain. Sunglasses helps my eyes, Quiet, no fragrances NO vanilla or shay butter, strong smells. No Bright lights. No Sharp sounds.

The pain never goes away. When it gets unbearable I stay in my room. I am almost use to all of the pain, one of my nurses said that I would get use to it. I am thinking she is right. I have been to the Doctor on a weekly basis to receive Toradol shots. This helps when the pain is unbearable. When the paralysis on my right side is really bad I use a cane or walker.

MY HEAD Pain….
a. Bad days when it is cloudy
b. When I go from sitting to standing I black out, I have had to lay down to keep from passing out on a few occasions.
c. Tingling pain on right side of my head
d. Right side of head above my ear I feel something, when I get upset I feel something shut down like my veins are closing off. Kind of behind my right eye too. Then my nose starts to run like crazy on the right side
e. Cold, Sharp pain from behind my right eye to the back of the head Above right ear
f. Behind right eye, eye weak , eye brown and face numb, face numb on right side
g. Precaution feeing on right side of face
h. I feel like I have been Cut in half
i. Can’t feel bladder or bowel, I don’t always know when I need to go to the bathroom, but never lose control
j. Can’t think, can’t speak words
k. Confused, can’t concentrate
l. Hard to breath when head hurts
m. Nauseated all the time
n. Blurry shape in right eye
o. Can think the words but can’t speak them

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