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My insane migraines......

Hi, I really don't know where to start. I guess I'll start by saying I never had ANY major health problems till I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease "Guillain Barre Syndrome" back in 2008. Well after a relapse and another hospital stay and physical therapy thats when my migraines started. At first they came just now and then but have gotten worse over the years to the point of almost being homebound completely. I have been told I have high levels pf protein in my spinal fluid and that is what is causing my constant daily headaches and my insane migraines that hit me mostly without any warning at least 3-4 days a week. They are so bad that I pass out from them, I'm always dizzy, no balance and fall down a lot. I don't have any specific triggers that I can track and stay away from since I'm never without a headache I don't know. Sometimes smells can send me off the deep end and then other days I can't name a thing. It just hits me like a wall and I'm in bed for a week. I have taken almost everything the doctors have prescribed me till at one point I was taking 13 different meds a day. I finally got off of all that but can't find anything to help. I usually give myself Immetrex shots to help abort my migraine but they have started to not be as affective....I feel like my doctors just don't listen...I have researched this till there is almost nothing I have not read, and with my protein levels being so high but my WBC count normal there seems to be some type of nerve damage. Since my autoimmune disease attcked my nerves, it seems like that could be a reason. I tell my doctor what I believe and I was talking to the wind. I need help! Has anybody ANYBODY had or heard of migraines like mine?

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