My "invisible illness"

I got a port put in about two months ago. My chest/upper body is kinda bony, so the port is very visible. The incision scar is also quite red, and large. It seemed for a while the nurses at my clinic, and hospital finally seemed to understand how horrible my migraines really are. With the port for a while, I thought having a visible representation of my pain would help. Apparently not. I can't imagine that many drug seekers go through surgery and a port to get their high. But, apparently a few at the hospital still don't believe my migraines are as debilitating as they really are. I already feel so incredibly guilty, and horribly all the time. I don't need nurses thinking they know what's best for me, and that waiting two hours at the hospital for my cocktail, is going to make me better. The last two months have been some of The worst. I'm not sure I'm going to last much longer. Thanks, I just needed to vent.

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