My Life living with Migraines

Ever since i was a little girl I've gotten really bad migraines. I've seen many Doctors and nothing ever helped. In 2011-2012 we found a medication that finally started to work so my doctor decided he was gonna take me off it for the summer douse my migraines normally accord just during the school year. The summer started out well little to no headaches at all but towards the middle to the end they began to begin again and got worse. I went back on that Medication that worked before but this time on the highest dos it didn't work.

This year I started my first year of high school and I've had the worst migraines I've ever had in my life i get them every single day weather its in the morning when i wake up or in the afternoon during lunch i get them. Ive missed 11 days and have come in late 5 due to my migranes. Ive been hoping for some answers but have gotten none ive done everything the doctors would like me to do and nothing works. Im a A/B student and my grades have really been dropping from not being there and from turning in work late and no one seems to understand. Im hoping during thanksgiving break i can get into another doctor and see what they say..well thats my story thanks to for letting me share.

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