My life with migraines

I have suffered from migraine disease for about 14yrs. and boy has it been an adventure. My migraines at one time only came in the summer, or should I say when it was extremely hot, then I started to notice certain lights triggered a migraine, and then all of a sudden i noticed nausea with the headaches one sided headaches and in my left eye. At first I didn't know what was happening to me. Nothing would work to take away this excruciating pain, until I went to the Emergency Room. Unfortunately it only lasted a little while.

Then a few months ago, in January I had this new type of pain which lasted a full 6wks. this was a pain I had never felt before. The only way i can explain it, is to say it feels like a someone is drilling through my left eye while beating me over the head with a louieville slugger. And now i'm getting these smaller not as severe headaches, and I don't know why. But thank god tomorrow I finally get to go an see a neurologist. I've been waiting for this appointment for 3 months.

I feel like I'm about to die or better yet I feel like i wanna die, rather than feel that pain. And what scares me the most I think, is the loss of sight in my left eye when im in full blown mode. I can't function for days after the migraine let alone trying to function during, cause all I can do is lay down in a dark cold quite room with a ice pack on my head, and its really hard to keep something on your head while your head is sore to the touch. But I would really like to thank, for all the help, answers, reassurance, and support you have given me thank you.

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