My Migraine is killing me

July 26, 2011 I fell dropping on our insurance payment. I hurt my shoulder & knee & had a headache. I went to the dr., he said to just wait it all out, but a friend suggested the chiropractor. Since the insurance comp was paying the bill (it was their sidewalk that way defective). I spent approx. 6 months going to the chiropractor... he helped ALOT... but i still had my headache.

In Jan 2012, he cracked my neck and immediately I saw stars & was sick to my tummy, migraine within the hour and it's not gone away yet.

Today is March 7 2013. I've been to 2 'family dr's, 2 neuros (my current one has given up told me not to even make another appt), all the neuro will offer is Botox to control pain if my insurance will pay for it but I doubt that will happen since it's been almost a month since that appt.

I've had 2 MRI's and they just can't figure it out. I do have some issues at c5 and c6 and some leisons on my brain but that is it. Yet everyday I have a migraine, yes EVERY DAY!!!

I take 12 meds every night 2 in the morning and then 1 as needed.. It's crazy..but it keeps it at at 4-6 instead of a 12! I use ice, heat, chiro, massage etc... I just can't get rid of them.

Now they are alos messing with my head. They are causing me depression and even worse. They are causing me to withdraw from life. Call i want to do is sleep all the time. I also just want to walk away from life and cash in all my chips. I just can't deal with all this stuff. This migraine has stolen my life and I hate it!

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