My migraine life.

My first migraine was as age 20. After that I had one every month then every week then by the time I was 23 I had 2-5 a week. My maternal grandmother had migraines also she died when my mom was 9yrs old of a brain aneurysm. At 24 decided I had enough went to the doctor he sent me to a neurologist. He did a MRI found nothing. He then put me on preventatives. From propranolol to depakote. None has worked. I've tried migranol and imitrex. The only thing that stops them so far is maxalt. I know my triggers from too much sleep to too little sleep(I'm narcoleptic with cataplexy). Certain smells from salmon cooking to popcorn and perfume counters in the mall. And flower perfumes like lilacs. Oh,and stress of course. I believe that sleep is a big issue for me and I have talked to other narcoleptics with migraines they also believe this. Oh,and medication is a trigger also.

Fast forward to now I'm 37 had 4 MRIs don't know why really. Been taking maxalt for years cuz doctor seems to forget to give me an alternative. February 12th 2014 I woke with a migraine since then I've woke up everyday with a migraine. Today is February 25th. After 5 days of constant migraines called doctor said maybe rebound headaches put me on tramadol. Well tramadol does nothing. Called and called doctor says he wanted to wait then says gotta see you before anything else. Appointment not til March 18th. Im worried as this has never happened before. I think it has to do with for a week migraines started on the 12th my ears felt blocked went to doctor he said you have a blockage not an ear infection. Im confused. Now ear feels like draining alot and is sometimes other times not. Idk what to do. Meanwhile my world is crashing cuz my cataplexy is going crazy and I can't stand the migraines.

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