My on going struggle with migraines

I have been have migraines since i was about 13 i am now 41 also besides having migraines i am bi-polar and i have a genetic condition called Tuberous Sclerosis (which causes tumors to for in the organs of the body and i have had my right kidney removed). After my son was born 20 years ago they started to get worse a lot worse and i was a single working mother with a small baby and no health insurance so for a few years i just suffered. Then i got a husband, a better job, insurance a good doctor and great neuro and we started the testing and then the meds.

I have had the killer ones where every thought, smell or even sound hurts so bad you would rather be dead than feal the pain in your head any longer and if you even move you are puking your guts out. At one point i was having as many as 3 of those a week and the nurses in the urgent care clinic at Group Health (where my Dr. is) knew me by name and when they saw me come in they prep-ed the meds and started the iv's on me even before i saw the on call dr.

Then jackpot we found a combo of meds that work which was hard because being bi-polar i am already on meds and having only one kidney you have to be careful of other meds because a lot of meds cause kidney damage. So now i have been able to identify many of my triggers although i still get a PMS migraine and with my preventive meds and with my on hand meds for when i do get one which include anti-nausea meds (two kinds) I have only been to urgent care once in the last year!! It took a long time and at times i was so frustrated i just wanted to give up but i found a good dr and an even better husband and now i am able to lead a somewhat normal life but like my dr kept telling me "don't give up the treatment's and the meds are getting better every day and we WILL find something that will help you because i won't stop until we find something that works for you" and he did.

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