My story of migraines

I got my first migraine in 1973. Hereditary I am sure, as my mom and sister had/have them. Mine may have started about when I first menstruated. Although initially I think they were based on stress. I remember getting them during gym class, which I hated. Didn't get them a lot in my 20's, but now that I think on it, I was also on the birth control pill then. Got them back consistently in my early 30's and they have never stopped. I'm 56 now. Also have had daily headaches for 21 yrs. Tough to find med's that work. I'm on Fiorinal/Codeine. Recently added Zomig. I almost always get an Aura in my left eye. Rarely get an aura in both eyes, but when I do, look out. I also loose part of my vision with aura. I've had to go to the ER a handful of times when the migraine last 3 days at minimum. Currently I get 6-8 migraines a month. I've gone thru menopause, with no change in headaches. I've noticed as I get older I have additional triggers besides stress. I have blue eyes, so light is a big trigger along with smells. Strong perfumes is bad. It's tough to have to continue with daily "chores", with headaches/migraines but I have learned to deal with constant pain. Don't remember life with a form of some kind of headache. I have seen so many doctors through out the years to no avail.

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