Life with Migraines

My name is Brandi and I have had migraines for over 15 years (I am now 42 years old). When they began then, they were not diagnosed as Migraines, but Migraine like! Sunlight, heat, allergies and lighting triggered them then.

I finally found a doctor about 10 years ago that diagnosed them as migraines and began giving me an Occipital nerve block. He left after being at the practice for 3 years and my migraines got worse!

At that point, I started realizing their was some food triggers. A lot of Garlic, some breads, some seasonings that we used on burgers, all these along with the ones I listed above. I wasn't having as many migraines at that time, but my OB/GYN decided they were hormonal and we opted for me to have a total hysterectomy. This worked for a few months, then they came back fast and hard! I was taking Zomig for my migraines and it helped some but I was taking way too much of it. I was depressed and had high blood pressure, so I was put on Effexor XR & Lisinopril/Metoprol combo. This helped some, but didn't do the trick. Over the last 3 or 4 years, I was going to my PCP at least twice a month to get Demerol/Phenergan/Tordol shots and they would prescribe me Hydrocodone/Fioricet/Tylenol #3. Finally I talked them into sending me to a pain management specialist since they couldn't get me under control!

I saw the pain management specialist in October of 2015. She gave me two different nerve injections over the course of a weeks time. These helped for a couple of weeks, but that was the only relief I got and I couldn't go back for at least 3 months!

I then asked for a referral to a neurologist to make sure this wasn't anything else! I started seeing the neurologist in January and he put me on Topamax. I hadn't seen a lot of change with the Topamax, except in early March of this year, I developed some problems, including EXTREMELY HIGH LIVER ENZYMES and gallstones! My PCP had me stop taking the Topamax because I was already in serious trouble! I went back to the neurologist that month and they weren't happy my PCP did this, but hey, my life was much more important than that! He gave me a RX for Cambia (which you take at on-set) and increased my Effexor XR dosage, and that hasn't helped at all! I went back to see him last month and they left me on those, but also put me on Amatriptlyne. I called last week for them to increase the dosage to see if that will help!

In April of this year, I had my gallbladder removed and the surgeon looked at my liver and said it looked great! 4 days after my surgery, I had a severe migraine and passed out at home, alone. I woke up in the hallway crying with my dog licking my head. I tried to get up and passed out again. This time, I sprained my left foot and my right ankle (I couldn't put any weight on either of them).

My PCP has sent in all of the information for me to do Botox injections, but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. I know it can help, but I also know the toxin isn't great! I have also applied for the Omega Trial in Dallas TX at Migraine Treatment Centers of America and will have the psychological done tomorrow and hope that I am approved for the trial and that it helps me, so that I can have it placed permanently!

So, this is my story and where I am now.

I know how scary this is, and if any of my story helps just one (1) person, then I am blessed!

Have a blessed day!

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