My Story - Stan

I remember not going to Kindergarten because my head hurt so much that I vomitted. I am one of the male statistic that have chronic migraines.

On your column I have heard every one of those comments not to make by people. I am now 58 years old and still have migraines. I concure with the one person on taking Opiods, my wife says that I am an addict, I really do not care because I am so over the pain and would prefer to function is a somewhat normal manner.

I take preventive medicine , but still have at least two or three a week. I have a wonderful Neurologist . The hardest part was "doctors" judging me on how I looked and state I only say it is a migraine to get drugs or high. This would quickly, however , change when I started vomitting in their office.

Glad to be linked with this webpage.


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