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My Story

The first migraine I ever experienced was 31 years ago. I was 10, sitting in a movie theater and the worst pain I ever felt over took me. I become violently ill.

From that moment on, I have had migraines. I never not have a headache and have a full migraine at least 2 times a week.

I have been to doctor after doctor, treatment after treatment with no real relief.

After 31 years, I am still trying to find relief.

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  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    8 years ago


    Oh hon, I’m so sorry you’ve had to suffer for so long. Isn’t it amazing how most Migraineurs can remember the very first Migraine they ever had – every detail it seems. I think that goes to show how life changing they truly are.

    Have you been to a headache specialist Kimberlee? Have they ever tried preventive therapy with you? What about triptans or DHE? Oh dearie, I hope you’ll spend some time in our forum here and ask some questions. Even just reading what others are saying there might be helpful. There is a wealth of information available. The trick is finding the right information in the right place. You’re at the right place 🙂

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