My Wish for Migraineurs for the Holidays

Last updated: December 2016

Like many of you, I suspect we all once looked forward to the holidays. Before we all got migraines. It is still a difficult season for me as I miss out on lots of the usual holiday festivities. My wish for everyone who reads this are the takeaways that 2016 has taught me:

1. It's not my fault and it is not yours either. We didn't sign up for migraines.

2. We are important, not because we do or don't show up; we are important because we are, we exist.

3. It is completely okay to take care of ourselves - whatever that may mean for each person. It is even better to pamper ourselves during the worst of each attack or season.

4. We are not "less" because we have migraines. We are more compassionate and soulful human beings.

These truths may have been evident to many readers long before now. I just wanted to reach out to my community because I care and because each one of you are worth caring about.

Merry Christmas!

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