Natural therapy helped me bin my daily medication

Suffering with Migraine can be the most loneliest place to be and most horrible of pain torture.
Having suffered all my life from the age of 4 years old and still today.Back and forth to doctors used as a ginny pig for different types of medications and all which would leave me in worse condition with side effects vomiting etc.
If they can't find the cause how can they give us the medication and say that's the cure, they can't.

I recently seen a article on positive health issues and information on what new and what works and what does not.

A few people were raving about a cap which gives you instant relief and is like being in a dark room and having cold treatment on your head.
I could see the seance in this as we all tend to want to be in a dark place and most will place cold on our heads at least I do to relieve the horrible pain.
I was torn between this head massager and this cap to try for my next quest on migraine relief.
With the head massager I would have to use that when in pain, it won't be the case, I have terrible pains so won't be able to lay there holding a head massager to my head!!
So I decided let's try this cap they seem to be raving about in a good way!
A few days had past and the Migra cap arrived as it was described and packaged with the full description and how to use it for the best!
Part of me wished I had a migraine just to try it!
Having to keep this in my fridge or freezer I opted for the freezer, so left it there for a few hours, I could not wait to just test how it would feel and help so forth with my horrible migraine life.
Having just placed it on my head could feel this like a tingle and a surge of relaxation coming over me, all parts of my head were getting the full effect of the cold therapy and I was laying there in what felt like a dark room.

Having suffered with a few migraines now that have had the chance to use my Migra cap and can say it as helped me stop my daily medication, and also I hardly use medication now, as the cap is working like nothing has, it like my doctor nurse and pain relief in one, I won't lie I do have to take some medication but am amazed at the effects and the bonuses this as given back to me for a better way of living with my Migraines.
If you have the choice to give up your daily medication and have a better alternative what would you do ?

Let's hope they find a cure though.


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