I need help

My daughter is 22 years old. When she was 16 she got a Migraine headache that never went away. She has been to numerous doctors in our area over the last 5 1/2 years and has found no relief or any answers or support. She has had most tests done but have had many mistakes made in these tests (I believe).

Our insurance company is now saying that the insurance company will fully fund her treatment at any one of the top 10 Migraine Centers and all I have to do is find the right one, if I do it in the next couple of weeks. This has been a daunting task. All of the Doctors that we have seen don't want her back or suggest that she is making it up. She had to drop out of school in the 10th grade and has virtually dropped out of living. I need to find a physician that is top in the field that would be willing to take her on-- very soon. We live in the Midwest and wherever we go would probably be difficult, but I have a "free ticket" to choose. I need to see some evidence of their area of expertise. Any suggestions? I need help.

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