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Hi. I am having a thyroidectomy in 3 weeks. Due to the chance of bleeding, I have to stop all aspirin and ibuprofen meds. Unfortunately, the only thing that seems to somewhat help me when I get a migraine or intermittent headache is Excedrin, coupled with doses of ibuprofen. I don't have a regular neurologist I can contact, mainly due to the fact I have been to 2-3 of them from The Cleveland Clinic and The Pittsburgh Headache Clinic with no help. My endocrinologist suggested I contact my pcp and see if she could temporarily prescribe something for me to take if I needed it for the 10 days before surgery. I know I will due to the fact it has been years since I have gone that long without a headache (actually, right before I gave birth to my first son and they started). I contacted my pcp and she is willing to. But being that this is not her field of expertise, she is not familiar with a lot of the meds. And I will be honest, I'm not either (just the main triptans). Some of the meds I have tried, with no luck, have been Imitrex, Oxaprozin, Hydrocodone, Relpax and Tramadol.
Does anyone have any suggestions on any meds they have tried that have helped? I am starting to panic cause I only have 10 days to find something to give me relief. If I don't, I might have to reschedule the surgery. It's bad enough to have to deal with migraines. but I won't suffer days with one and have nothing to offer some kind of relief. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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