I Need Your Help Please!

I'm almost 70yrs. I've been dealing with migraines for 50yrs. In 1993 I was working for a Dr. in FP. Our drug rep brought in a Imitrex Injectable for me and I knew I'd never with a migraine again, and I haven't until the new container came out, actually it's not the container, but the injector! In the 22 years that I've been using Imitrex Injectable, no problems. Then I went to try to figure out the new injection, in tears, I went to see if my 80 year old husband could help me out. It must have taken 15min, the needle was so much sharper, or pressed to hard, that it really smarted. Is the smaller container available? Has anyone else had a problem with the longer injector? We just switched from Walmart to Walgreens and I'm glad we did, but I'm wondering if this is a brand problem or if all of the Imitrex and Sumitriptan are in the longer injector. Somehow my husband got it to sort of work, then pulled it out because it startled the both of us.

I'll be so appreciative to any of you that may have a suggestion so as to not ruin another injector.

Thanks to any of you that can share an answer. I feel so ridiculous.
P.S. I just want my Imitrex back!

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