Need some advice. Migraines for three months.

I started out having minor headaches that came and went, but for three months I have had a constant non stop migraine. Light and sound sensitivity as well as not being able to eat. At one point it got so bad, I wasn't able to eat anything. 2 out of 3 meals I ate, I instantly threw up. I lost so much weight. I can eat a small meal now but I still fight the urge to throw it up sue to the pain in my head.

My ears are constantly ringing, much like someone with tinnitus and the other day I knocked my head in the draw the pain in my head was so intense my vision blurred and I felt weak at the knees.

I have had an MRI and a blood test but the doctors said there was nothing wrong. Gave me painkillers and sent me on my way. I have tried talking to them every week for three months and they always say the same. They just up the dosage on the pills and tell me to get some rest.

What can I do?

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