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I was involved in a neuro stimulator study a few years ago and it was a wonderful thing. This was to help migraines in the back of the head. Yes, this involves surgery. It not only helped the migraines in the back of my head I almost never get a migraine in the back anymore. I still have chronic migraines in the front, but the back is amazing! If they develop one of these for the front they can shave my head and implant this today. Nothing else have ever helped my pain levels. It is worth looking in to.

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  • Rparker
    7 years ago

    I just had this done!! At the Reed Migraine Center in TX. My surgery was about 11 days ago and so far I have not had any headaches. 11 days without a headache is unheard of for me. I’d be happy to talk to anyone about my experience and surgery.

  • Tracy Lee Watts
    8 years ago

    They do have one now that also helps the front of the head, it’s called Stempath. They attach it to the superorbital nerves & the occipital. I’m looking into having this done. Dr Reed in Dallas does it. Maybe you should consider this for the pain in the front of your head. Good luck.

  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    8 years ago

    BJ I am so glad to see the stimulator is working for you – what a tremendous relief! I was offered one a while back, but felt I hadn’t yet done everything else possible for my attacks and the pain. I’m still on that journey, hoping that I don’t eventually have to relegate myself to the surgeon again. That said, I did read recently that there is some research – fairly new I believe – that doctors are finding that occipital stimulation used in concert with stimulation near the eyebrow is resulting in even better results than occipital stimulation alone. I need to see if I can locate that article again and send it your way. Maybe you can have both after all!


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