And It Never Stops...

We were out for a Sunday drive and BAM the worst headache of my life and we still had to drive all the way home. NEVER had a headache like that before and thought "this is it, this is how I'm gonna die".

Emergency room visit

That was my first trip to the ER for a headache out of what is probably now HUNDREDS!!!! I have had so many headaches it's just freakin crazy. It's a good thing I worked at a medical center! I had a hysterectomy & they thought maybe I'd get some relief with that but hell no. Years go by and we get it somewhat kinda sorta under control (not really I just took so much pain medications it was nuts) and BAM I get in a near-fatal boating accident.

Traumatic head injury

I was hit in the head by a jet ski! Yes, you read it right. I actually did die for a minute, my husband had to do CPR on me to get me breathing & get my heart beating again. I had a closed head injury & spent 6 1/2 weeks in 3 different hospitals. The headaches continued with a vengeance. I was going to the hospital 2 to 3 times a month for pain shots for my migraines. We now have the meds down to I think about 4 or 5 different combinations that I take depending on when I catch them - in the very beginning or if it hits like a brick wall or if it's with severe nausea or severe sensitivity. And sometimes NOTHING works and off we go to the ER. I have to say the trips to the ER are way down. Sometimes only once or twice a month & for me, that is great cuz I was going once a week for a while. ER's don't like that they think you're just trying to get drugs. Like I couldn't get them cheaper on the street!! I had to sign pain contracts and everything it was CRAZY.

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