New Migraine Drug works

Hi, I've suffered chronic migraines for around 20 years, numerous medications to prevent and taken when migraine occurs, now I am trying a new preventative called SIBELIUM 10mg. It's now been 4 months and I don't believe I have any identifiable side effects. At 3 months I was doing really good but ran out of tablets and was waiting to see specialist for script so I think that mucked me up a bit. I used to get 3 migraines a week and they could last hours to days. Since this medication I may have 1 every week or 2 but no where near the severity. When I do have a migraine now, I take RELPAX 80mg and this works with about 30 minutes- although I must warn that if you take these day after day you can get rebound headaches. Once a week would be ok. I love my Relpax and these can be taken at the start or even hours into your migraine and they just work, especially if you can lay down and relax for that half hour. I can get up after half hour and go to work although do feel a little tired, but no pain.
I pray we all find what works for us and maybe these pills are worth some research and discussion with your doctor. I am in Melbourne, Australia, hope these are available where you are. xx
Best wishes to you all.

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