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New Job

Well, as a chronic migraineur, I am getting ready to start a new job. My husband is worried because with my last job, I had intermittent FMLA for my migraines. But, that is part of why I still lost my job, and the people I worked with did not understand my migraines. I was told to give up yogurt, because one girl did that and her migraines went away. Believe me, I have given up just about everything and I still have migraines.

I have been to a neurologist, who out me on preventative medicines, only to tell me that I was over medicated and suffered from ataxia. Now, I am not on preventative meds and only on fioricet, which doesn’t really help.

I am 51, and been through menopause and people have said that my migraines should be gone. I am so tired of people telling me what should be happening, I have had no relief of any symptoms at any stage of my life. And what is sad, my daughter has inherited my migraines. I would give anything to take them away.

I will tackle this job and deal with migraines without letting people know. I have to work and I am blessed to have found another job. By the way, I am an RN…we are not so nice to each other.

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  • Tralyn
    2 years ago

    I am a Family Physician and have just lost another job due to migraines. I had FMLA but used it all in 7 months and they gave me my 60 day notice last week. I’m a single Mom with 2 kids and am not sure where to go from here.
    What kind of job can I get that will allow me to call in sick when I have migraines? I’ve been out of work for two days already this week. Any suggestions would be helpful. Prayers would also be appreciated.

  • kimP
    5 years ago

    Im sorry u are going into a new job with dread. I think most of us with migraines do this when instead we should have the luxury of everyone else who feels excited about a new adventure. I don’t know if this helps but my experience with nuerologist have not been as good as with an out of the box type internal med doc. I don’t know why but mine seems to be more open to trying different things to help me where as a neurologist is more stuck in a certain line of thinking. As for ur new job, find someone who also has migraines and use them for support. At least then u wont feel like the only crazy headache lady who everyone thinks is overreacting to something that can be cured with aspirin. lol!!! I wish u luck and pain free days.

  • migrainestl
    5 years ago

    I’m amazed & in awe that you are still able to work with chronic migraines. My last job I had intermittent FMLA as well, but my coworkers still didn’t understand. Good luck in your new job, I hope your coworkers treat you better.

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    Congrats on the new job! That’s really exciting.
    I was so surprised to learn you were an RN. I would imagine that people in your field would be more caring and understanding, but yet Migraines still have a weird stigma attached to them.

    Do you think it’s better to suffer in silence at your new job or tell your boss and be up front? As much as you don’t want it to interfere with your work, inevitably it will creep in one day. Who knows? Your boss may be incredibly sympathetic and willing to work with you.

    I’ve been extremely lucky with previous employers who have been very kind to my condition, but I know not everyone gets treated that way.

    I wish you all the luck!

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