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Last updated: January 2016


My name is Tracey. I am 56yrs. I have suffered from migraines but didn't know what they were since I was so young. I was perhaps 7 when I started having what I called eye aches. It usually woke me up out of a dead sleep. It felt like someone was stabbing me in my eye with a ice pick.

The pain was unbearable and I would get very sick when I would get an eye ache and vomit. My mom recently mentioned how when I would get an eye ache, she felt so bad for me because all I could do was cry out in pain and be very sick. That was 50yrs ago.

I would be at school and again I was young, 7-8ish, and would get these floaty things I called them. Sqiggly lines also. I then would get tunnel vision and I knew that I was going to get a eye ache and would go to the nurse. The pain would set in as would the nausua and vomiting.

I was away at summer camp one year and don't I go and take a eye ache in the middle of the night and had to go to the infermery and missed out going overnight camping that day.

By the time I hit my teens I grew out of having these eye aches as I always called them. Today I know the proper name and my mom who is 80yrs and I just had a discussion about this subject. I told her I found a great site and that I was not the only one with eye aches.

To sum up my story today, I suffer from optical eye migraines. I get the blind spots, the lightning bolts and know that I will be getting a migraine here shortly. I now have meds that I am just starting on and hopefully it will help with these optical migraines with aura.

I have been getting them now for the last year. So am trying different meds to help with the migraines and the pain that is associated with them.

Thank you for reading my story, I am glad I found this site.


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