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Hi, my name is Bridget and I'm new to this blog. I have been suffering migraines for 20 or so years. I spent the last 20 trying to find a reason for these headaches. My parents never suffered from them so I guess I'm that one percent who just was blessed with them. I spent a many number of years suffering through the migraines without medication. I know some of you are probably saying "How?" Believe me after finding Triptans I don't know myself. But now my neuro says I'm taking too many and I really need to go on a preventative medication.

It took me all these years to take a pain medication now I have to take a pill every day. I am still at the stage of these migraines where I scour the internet for an answer of why I am in so much pain. It must be something worse then a migraine. I have never felt this much pain and I have always had a high tolerance to pain. I used to work fulltime now all I do is count how many days a month I'm not laying in bed suffering.

I had a hysterectomy done last year, they left one ovary, but my migraines went from one or two 3 to 5 day migraines to almost everyday. I'm so frustrated that I have to revolve my life around these. My marriage is falling apart and I have no social life. I found hope during my last Migraine when I found this web page. Hearing others stories has been helpful and somewhat comforting. To know that my pain is the same as others because as most of us know not all migraines are the same each time we have one.

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