New to Retinal Migraines

I had gone to the Dr to see what the problem was as I was concerned that after having e a TIA (Mini Stroke) in Septemeber 2016, that the eye and head pain on the left side (same side affected by stroke) was maybe a sign of "silent strokes" happening with increasing frequency.

My Dr sent me to the Hospital emergency department and after being seen by 2 Drs, having blood tests, head scan and iv migraine drug was diagnosed with retinal migraine. I have no peripheral vision from the left eye, right on is fine. I did loose half the sight in the left eye with the stroke and that has returned. I am still having difficulty at times focusing and had thought that taking low dosage aspirin, as I have been since the stroke, I would not have any more problems.

I guess I will have to do a lot more reading to understand the nature of this diagnosis. Not sure why it happened or where to go from here

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