Migraines No More

I've fought this migraine beast since I was 9 years old. Now, I'm 52 and have found a cure that has stopped this beast in its track's. In any given month I was unable to function at least 90% of the time, which took it's toll on my marriage. I've taken every drug and injections available. About 9 months ago I started seeing a new Internial Specialist (for medical reasons). He asked about my migraine history and what meds had I used. The medicine he gave me has basically stopped my migraines in there tracks. I've gone from 20-23 days in pain per month to
5-7 days in pain per month. No more having to sit inside and be alone while everyone's outside having a great time. I've got a life again. Friends and 👪 family can't believe the change in me. OK, I take a 5mg capsule of Dronabinal at bedtime. It's Medical Marijuana. I still have my Zomig just in case. My hope is that your doctors will allow each of you to try this medication and find your way to a new life without daily pain. This medication came a little to late to save my marriage but, I wouldn't change one thing because I have a life now and it's great to be free of pain and free to start again.

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