No one belives ME!!!

Hi, I am a 42 year old female who just one day awoke with this debilitating headache which has changed my life forever. It was Mother's Day 2007 and a sharp pain jolted me out of my sleep. Took a trip to the ER and well that started me on my path to doctor after doctor after doctor! I felt helpless every test they did would come back normal so I felt that people were looking at me and thinking okay here is a drug head!!!! I went two years trying to figure out what to do still nothing worked finally I was sent to Emory and they had me on a pretty good thing the headache was still there each and every second but the spikes as I call them did not happen as often. But as with all things good things come to an end I lost my job and insurance dealing with the headaches and lived for nearly 8 years with the pain and treating myself.

I was a pill popper Aleve, Excdrine, Tylenol you name it I tried it. ER visit was pretty much an every week type deal I would get the good stuff which would knock it down from a billion to only in the thousands. Even then doctors would look at you like I was faking it I felt alone and hurt. My family, friends and doctors were looking at me as if sign her up! (Not to mention I have Bi-polar) so life was hard. Finally I received my disability and I am able to see doctors to find out what is going on. But again they seem to think oh that can not be no one has a all the time headache. OKAY but I DO it is 24/7 every morning when I awake, while I am asleep, while I take care of the house, as I write this post it is there like bass drums steady beating. Yet, now it is getting worse I went from maybe two or 3 spikes a day every day to a spike which is lasting over a week at times. The spikes are like someone put a gong inside my head and is constantly beating it then they add in some bells, and some maracas and some screaming child with colic all at the same time. And that one is a mild spike!! But because it is 24/7 people seem to diminish the pain as if okay your walking around and laughing nothing is wrong!! Yeah who wants to keep crying all day that only makes it worse so why not laugh why not smile and live life because it is rare that I even get to go outside in the first place. I've tried Botox, and all the starter drugs and now I am depakote which I thought was working but nope after 3 months back where I started. My doctors have stated that if the depakote does not work they will have to send me out of state. Okay a specialist sending me to a specialist all I want is the pain to be gone to live one day just 10 minutes maybe pain free just once.

Sending hugs to all suffers! I pray none of you goes through this!!!


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