No one understands except other migraineurs

I have suffered from intractable migraines for over 22 years. I am in constant never ending pain - 24/7. I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing works. I am also a 2 time breast cancer survivor. I was initially diagnosed in 1984 but they were not intractable at that point. They became intractable in 1993 when my mother was dying from cancer and we had a cancer scare with our then 4 year old son. No one understands what hell this pain is like except us. I was once told by a "relative" that it was a "nervous condition". Every day is an effort to do the slightest chore, pay bills, etc. Fortunately, I have a very understanding husband - most of the time. It is a stress on him also. He is a cancer survivor also. All I can say to all of my fellow sufferers is to hang in there and hope that one day medical science will catch up with us and find something that will help. Even so, I can still laugh at something each day. My best thoughts and prayers to all of you.

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